About me

I was born into a family of devoted animal lovers and quickly became one too. From the very beginning, our pet dogs and cats were members of the family and have always held a significant role in my life. When I was young, the many dogs we had were always steadfast friends. Our Labrador, Fanego, was - in my opinion - the Best Dog Ever and only ever chewed two things (one of which was my aunt’s designer swimwear!). By the time we got our second dog, Pheadra (a Doberman), I was older and instantly saw the new puppy as more than another playmate. I began taking initiative caring for her; learning how to walk her responsibly, feed and train her.

As an adult, my passion for dogs only became stronger, and I became mum to fur babies Henry (a feisty Lhasa Apso) and Daisy (a queen of a Bischon Frise); they were the best friends a girl could have and I adored them every day of their lives and miss them dearly.

Nowadays, it's agility and "sniff and search" with my Poodle, Perdi, and my wonderful rescue, Tallula (a Bischon Frise), who's built for love, long walks and squirrel chasing!

I've lived with dogs, cats, rabbits and horses, and have adored them all - I guess it’s true to say I simply love all animals.

So when I got made redundant a couple of year's ago from my office job, and felt that life was starting to pass me by, I decided to take the plunge and follow my heart by becoming a dog walker. And I couldn't be happier!

I'm optimistic, passionate, responsible and 100% reliable. As a dog owner and lover myself, I understand how important it is to hire someone who is caring, patient, trustworthy and professional to look after your most cherished companions.

Why Me?

I am a small caring little business and my main objective is to build a consistent, fun and loving relationship with your dog. I am a Member of the Association of Professional Dog Walkers (APDW), listed on their website, and I'm fully insured. I attend regular training sessions with my dogs. DBS Certified. 

Each dog is different and my passion is getting to know and understand them.

  • Regulations
Mandy4Walkies walks in many of the Local Parks where group sizes are regulated from either four to six dogs.I am registered as a licensed walker in the Royal Parks website.The maximum number of dogs walked at any one time in any other Park is four I am licensed by the London Borough of Richmond to walk 6 dogs in Crane Park. I also make sure all dogs in the walk get along and are roughly the same size.

I am a Licenced Home Boarder and member of the Association of Home Boarders my Licence No 056343